Paris: Haute Culture et Haute Couture

Three Underrated Cultural Delights in Paris

Brimming with art, literature and fashion, Paris holds a special place in my heart. Having spent almost a month there in 2014, I feel at home in the city.  Visiting for four days, I felt surprisingly familiar with the streets, instinctively retracing my old daily route from Le Jardin du Luxembourg to the Shakespeare Bookshop. With only a small window of time and the blockbuster museums already under my belt, I had fun exploring some of Paris’ quirkier cultural haunts. Staying with ma famille française adoptive, I benefitted from a keenly curated itinerary – a trove of underrated delights for anyone headed for Paris…

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The Dalmatian Coast with the Rosé Mafia

A family road trip from Dubrovnik to Split

The Communist era check-in did not hold much promise. Arriving in Dubrovnik after nightfall, our first encounter with Croatia was a brusque welcome in the austere lobby of our hotel. Yet, opening our shutters the following morning the view outside was mesmerising: turquoise waters framed by limestone villas and bougainvilleas. Positioned in a bay just outside Dubrovnik, small sailing boats bobbed off finger wharfs. As the sea glistening in the early morning sun, Mum and I found the lure of a swim too strong to resist. Diving into the sea just in front of the hotel, the water was deep and clear. Even fifteen metres off the shore, we could still see the mosaic of grey rocks beneath us. Any cold first impressions were quickly forgotten, immersed in Croatia’s natural beauty.  

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Bruges: A F*cking Fairytale Stopover

BRU. In hindsight, I should have realised those were the first three letters of two Belgian cities. Nonetheless, when I boarded my Brussels Airlines flight at 5.55am, I was rather surprised to hear the flight attendant announce that our flight time to Brussels would be an hour and 5 minutes. With my Bruges itinerary all set and aeroplane mode now strictly enforced, I frantically tried to envisage how far these Belgian cities were from one another. Knowing absolutely nothing about Brussels, the window of time I had set aside for napping was reallocated to reading snippets of information about Brussels in the inflight magazine. With only four hours sleep under my belt, I sipped on revoltingly bitter aeroplane coffee. Continue reading “Bruges: A F*cking Fairytale Stopover”

Edinburgh: Ten Insights from the Fringe

The Edinburgh Fringe is a beautiful beast. During the month of August, every nook and cranny of the historical old town is transformed into a temporary theatre: old parliament buildings, lecture theatres and broom closets alike play host to a gamut of international performers. Working at the festival is a crucible of delights. For a whole month, the Fringe raves from 11am to 5am. It’s theatre, comedy and cabaret; drag, spoken word and musicals. It is exhausting, exhilarating and enchanting. It utterly impossible to reduce to a sequence of anecdotes. Here are ten things that I learnt during the Fringe in 2018…

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